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Measurement of work

Here is work on measurement of apartments, graphic interpretation of Measurement works: plans, cuts, cuts on not typical volumes, fragments.

Draft design

By volume of-plan decisions are in overall axes. Space Pereplanirovka. Variants of plan decisions no less than three. Plan of dismantling, plan of erection of partitions.

Conception of interior

Provides for suggestion on of apartments, variants of modification of object. The variants of different stylish decisions are offered as perspective images (or a theme, offered a customer, is developed).


Attachment of conceptual decision to the real architectural volume. Planning, placing of furniture, involutes on walls. Plan of floor, ceiling, cuts of characteristic knots. Working-out of interior: to recommendation on the use of illumination, plan of placing of lamps. Plan of piling of the tiled tile with necessary involutes. Finishing card, selection of coverage of walls, floor, ceiling.

Visualization (apartments or decorating)

Card of selection of furniture. Visualization from the most characteristic points. On the basis of the real or planned engineerings communications, placing of walls, technical equipment.

Architectural supervision

Architectural supervision — from a 30% cost of project works.


Exact measurements, measurements of textile design, a nomenclature of elements of interior is accessories, floristika (sketches of estimate). Placing of all of the articles of furniture, attributes of dekora on an object.

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