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The cost of object is determined individually for every object.

Prices on a design-project are varied depending on complication and size of object, I.e. necessary volume of basic and additional works on unit of area.

Three basic categories of apartments are selected:

Category 1:

Small apartment, not requiring difficult plan and technological decisions.

Category 2:

Apartments,requiring individual and non-standard approach to development of planning and organization of interior.

  • most apartments and suites of rooms;
  • prisutstvennye places of public and administrative apartments.

Category 3:

Apartments, having difficult spatial organization, stylish orientation, saturated architectural and decorative details, requiring the deep individual working.

  • restoration works;
  • exclusive mansions;
  • public and administrative apartments.

A design-project can be executed in the unfolded or brief kind (within the framework of one or a few his stages).

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